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The equipment is widely used in petrochemical, fodder, medicines, food and others, it developed for all kinds of liquid, powder samples, especially for the volatile samples. It tests sulfur, chlorine, and bromine in oil under vacuum condition and gets high accuracy, faster detection, simple operation, easy to learn.


Gasoline and Diesel Spectrometer

WD-100S is the X-ray fluorescence spectrometer which is collaborative researched by Sense and theUniversityofMichiganinUSA,TsingHuaUniversityinChinaand other spectrum experts. It is based on American high-end technology, has a design patent about the unique vacuum system, special optics path system, designed for the detection of gasoline and diesel, has excellent stability about the ultra low content of elements analysis for petroleum chemical industry products.


Water solution, crude oil, heavy oil, aromatic hydrocarbons, it can measure the content of sulfur, silicon, phosphorus, chlorine, manganese, iron, lead and other elements.

Technical Features



Unique vacuum system, ensure the stability of low content

Without the protection of helium

The measurement  time:30~300s

Make custom curves according to the requirements of customer

One-touch operation, simple use and faster

Suitable for the laboratory and workshop test

Simultaneous detection of multielement, save time and cost


1.Repeatability - 95% confidence interval (R)

2.The reproducibility (R)

3.The measurement  time : 300s

Product specifications:

1.Product size: 370*360*420mm (L*W*H)

2.Sample cup: 3ml

3.X-ray tube voltage: 0~50KV, adjustable; X-ray tube current: 0~1mA,adjustable

4.The safety protection: interlock safe function, power of voltage when door opened

5.Power Supply: AC200~240V    Power: 200W (recommended with manostat)

6.Temperature: 15~42

7.Humidity: < 75%

8.weight: 33Kg

9.Content Analytical Scope: 0.15ppm~99.9%wt

10.Measure time: 30~300s, set by user

11.Software: standard analysis software, WINDOWS operating system

12.Standard:  ASTM D7757 and other standards for content detection limit requirements

Equipment features

1.One-touch operation, simple and faster, no need about professional background

2. Super low operation and maintenance cost, no wearing and consumables

3. Low requirement of environment

4. Support the standardless qualitative, semi quantitative analysis

5.Ultra fast detection speed (30~300s)

6. Free software upgrade

7. Nondestructive testing, without complicated sample handling process

8.Portable, be fit for field detection.

Sample Analysis Spectra:

Standard Curve Atlas:

Testing Result Interface:

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