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·       Product name: iEDX-150WT

·       Product model:

·       Units of measurement:

·       Time: 2013-04-11

Product details

Technical index:

  1.Multi-layer thickness analysis (Max. 4 layers);

  2.Test precision:0.01 um;

  3.The measurement repeatability on many occasions up to 0.1%;

  4.Full elemental analysis,elements can be analysed from sodium (Na) to uranium (U);

  5.Measuring time:10 to 60 seconds;

  6.Si-PIN detector,energy resolution is 125±5 volts;

  7.Micro focal X-ray tube 50KV/1mA,tungsten target. 

  8.Focal spot size is 75um;

  9.Seven collimators and 6 filters auto change; 

  10.XYZ 3D mobile platform,Max load is 5 kg;

  11.HDV CCD camera,accurate monitoring position;

  12.Multivariate nonlinearity formula;

  13.High performance FP/MLSQ analysis;

  14.Platform size:700x580x25 mm

  15.Platform moving range:300(X)x300(Y)x25 (Z)mm

Spectrum interface:

FP software module to create Quantitative, Qualitative analysis application;

Super large analysis platform and sample chamber;

Automatically continuous multi-point analysis;

Integrated coating thickness and Alloy content analysis interface;

Adopted multi-spectral and analytical processing technology

Report result of Analysis:

Print out directly;

Provide various report forms [HTTM, Excel, PDF]


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